Albacore Tuna, also know as Albies, or Longfin are one of the most prized tuna in the ocean. Albacore is the only tuna that can be sold as “white meat tuna”. They are pelagic predators spending their lives in deep ocean waters. The commercial catch of albacore is significant in California.

Albacore are one of the fastest tuna in the ocean and spend their entire lives swimming to maintain their oxygen levels. Most of that time is spent at depths of 600-1200 feet. As they migrate through California on their way to Oregon and Washington, they spend more time at the surface which is where we target them. Smaller albacore tuna, called peanuts, weigh 8-10 lbs. While they can reach 90lbs, we rarely see them larger than 40lbs in California.

Fishing for Albacore Tuna

Albacore Tuna
Albacore Tuna

While albacore do not show up within range of sport fishermen every year, when they do, it is mad rush to get out to them. This is by far, the most fun fishing we do in Fort Bragg. We typically fish between 10 and 50 miles offshore. In California, we typically troll tuna jigs that imitate squid or bait fish. When albacore hit the jigs, we often end up with multiple hookups. They provide an amazing fight with long powerful runs that often require two-speed reels. As the fish come to the boat, they often bring the school with them giving the anglers an opportunity to cast metal jigs or swim baits into the schools. This results in hot fish that fights even harder than the trolled fish.

Once on the deck, their thrashing causes their body temperature to rise significantly. They must be quickly bled and cooled down to ensure quality meat. If you have never fished for albacore tuna, this is definitely a bucket list fish and shouldn’t be missed.

Season: July-October

Price: Call for pricing.